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    The 100% of the sale of the calendar will be used for the maintenance and veterinary expenses of the primates that live at MONA

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    Give a gift card for a guided tour for one person at the Mona Foundation. Give an experience, give learning, give awareness of the need to protect nature and our closest evolutionary relatives. The person you give the voucher will have one year to redeem it and must make a previous booking here

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    Bamboo pen with silver accents that includes the MONA Foundation logo in its design.

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    CHILDREN'S BOOK Can you imagine that one day, suddenly, someone separate you from your family to close you to live alone in a cage and force you to sneer in front of a lot of strange people? Thus begins the story of Bongo, a chimpanzee who will have to face a new life. * Includes educational guide.

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    Giving an adoption of a chimpanzee as a gift is a very special way to surprise your loved ones. You will be giving charity and animal welfare and you will feel the personal satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to save chimpanzees and macaques from lives full of hardship by offering them a second chance.

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    Wooden keyring inspired by the Mona Foundation logo to carry it in the car keys, home keys... And so always go accompanied by the most cute face! Handmade by Francisco Jiménez, volunteer of the Primate Recovery Center.

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    Organic cotton T-shirt with the cutest and most supportive design

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    Bring the tropical rainforest into your backyard with this huggably fluffy stuffed orangutan! Our stuffed orangutan has a thick, soft coat of orangish red hair, with characteristically long ape arms and human-like hands and feet. Cuddle up for a wild adventure with this cute monkey!

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    White porcelain mug inspired in Mona.

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    Adorable baby chimpanzee, very cuddly and covered in soft fur.

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Mona Foundation

In our Rehabilitation Center, chimpanzees and monkeys that have been circus artists, television models, publicity models or even pets are recovered from the abuse. A mistreatment invisible until recently in our society. Many have lived long years in absolute solitude and terrible conditions, but our rehabilitation center provides an excellent home to these rescued primates, where they recover living with their relatives in a natural environment. MONA offers them this second chance that they deserve so much to have a life more worthy and free of suffering.